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Lilia Meunier-Mili

Lilia Meunier-Mili is one of the first graduates of the European School of Law Toulouse. She holds a Franco-English double degree from University College Dublin in Ireland and is a student of the ESL University Diploma. She is continuing her studies at the University of Perpignan Via Domitia in the Master's Degree in Town Planning and Environmental Law - Town Planning and Sustainable Development. She is currently working as a lawyer in Narbonne, specialising in town planning law.


I enrolled in the French Law and Common Law (LDA) programme in 2013, after a first unsuccessful attempt in 2012, during which I did a year of hypokhâgne so that I could reapply with a stronger application. My aim was to obtain a double degree at University College Dublin (UCD) in L3-M1.

The European School of Law Toulouse was 'born' during my studies. I was a member of AEIED, the European Law Institute Students' Association, which later became TESLA, the European School of Law Toulouse Association. As student representatives, we were fortunate enough to be involved in the School, in particular in the creation of the university diploma, and above all to be listened to. I started the university diploma in my second year.

I managed to do a double degree at UCD between 2015 and 2017 with two fellow students, Mathilde Pascot and Adam Boutafenouchete, and an Erasmus student, Raphaëlle Goulet. This experience abroad, especially in Ireland, was personally and professionally enriching. It was there that I discovered planning law, somewhat by accident, I must admit. One of my electives was Family Law by default, which I wasn't particularly keen on. Another was banking law, which I didn't like either. The last module available was Planning Law. I had no idea what planning was, but that's what I chose. I discovered a fascinating subject, which I was then able to supplement with a work placement in an Irish law firm specialised in planning and environmental law. I wrote a dissertation on comparative Irish and French law as part of Unit 3 of the university diploma, which further confirmed my desire to specialise in this area. The law firm where I did my internship also employed me as a part-time administrative assistant for 6 months during my final semester in Ireland, which confirmed my choice.

Experience abroad is extremely valuable, as it allows you to better appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of the French university system, while gaining greater autonomy.

I continued on this path by enrolling at the University of Perpignan, Narbonne branch, for a Master's degree in Town Planning Law and Sustainable Development. That same year, together with Hugo Stephan and Myriam Bennani-Hassan, we created the ESL Moot Court Competition as part of Unit 4 of the university diploma. What was intended to be a one-off event, a 'one-shot', is now in its fifth year.

From the beginning, the aim of the competition was to give all UT Capitole students, regardless of their background or level, the opportunity to try their hand at public speaking. Without the support of the ESL, this competition would not have been possible; many ESL students and others take part every year. It is a competition by students for students, allowing everyone to progress from their own starting point. Each year, former participants join the organising team to keep the project going.

Since the School was founded, ESL students have been fortunate to have the support of the Director and the General Secretaries, who have always encouraged student initiatives. What's more, the ESL diploma is an invaluable tool for both project management (Unit 4) and teamwork (Unit 5).

I am now a lawyer in Narbonne, specialising in town planning law.

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