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The European School of Law Toulouse aims to train lawyers for Europe. It is based on a single principle: cultural, linguistic and legal diversity as elements of training, and student mobility as a means of building knowledge.

The creation of the European School of Law Toulouse at the University Toulouse Capitole is a unique project to train future lawyers for Europe who:

  • are able to know, understand, compare, articulate and create national and European rules
  • learn the law through mobility
  • are the bearers of the necessary cooperation between lawyers

Students who graduate from the School will be able to optimise solutions to legal problems that arise in the European area.

The creation of the School was officially announced on Wednesday 7 May 2014 during a press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the patronage and in the presence of Laurent Fabius, Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Development.

Why a school?

A school to reflect a specific and coherent approach to the structuring of knowledge and the teaching of law
The creation of the European School of Law Toulouse reflects a particular vision of law in the European area. It is based on the conviction that the plurality of methods faithfully reflects the construction of the European legal area.
A school as a means of distinguishing selected students in a legal education with a European dimension
The School's programmes are designed to provide an understanding and a knowledge, both in theory and in practice, of the various methods of constructing law (integration, cooperation, coordination).

A school to meet a need
The European dimension of the legal professions requires training that goes beyond a national framework, since the construction of European law profoundly changes entire areas of national law. It cannot be limited to training in European law alone, since European law can only be understood and constructed in relation to national law, and constantly changes the relationship between national laws by linking them. It is not training in comparative law alone, when in the European Union, comparison is pursued through the development of European standards or solutions. It must be more than just an international training programme, which would fail to integrate the identity of the European project and, in particular, the creation of the European area of freedom, security and justice. The School strives to integrate all these dimensions into a single encompassing project: to train the lawyers that European actors, be they private or public, need.

Below is the presentation of the European School of Law by our former Director, Professor Lukas Rass-Masson, and Dr Michel Martinez during a round table in 2018:

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